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Discover the groundbreaking mobile application created by TGM Education revolutionizing the student recruitment process in the education sector. Refer Wallet opens doors for the global community to participate in shaping the dreams of students aspiring to study abroad at any of TGM Education's Partner Universities/colleges. Through our user-friendly platform, individuals worldwide can register and seamlessly refer students, facilitating their journey towards pursuing educational opportunities overseas.

What You Need To Know About Refer Wallet

Refer Wallet is more than just a referral platform. It serves as a comprehensive resource hub, offering a wealth of valuable information to users. From scholarships and industry news to immigration policy updates, Refer Wallet ensures users stay informed and empowered throughout their educational pursuits. <br /><br /> Discover the very exciting features contained in the Refer Wallet Application

Refer & Earn Program

Refer Wallet offers an enticing referral program where users can refer students who aspire to study abroad at TGM Education's Partner Universities/colleges. For every successful enrollment resulting from a referral, users earn a generous referral commission of $200. This feature not only empowers users to assist others in achieving their educational dreams but also provides them with a valuable opportunity to earn money.

Comprehensive Information Hub

Refer Wallet serves as a one-stop destination for a wealth of valuable information related to studying abroad. Users can access a wide range of resources, including scholarships, education industry news and updates, and immigration policy updates. This feature ensures that users stay informed and empowered throughout their educational pursuits.

Featured Schools Section

The app includes a dedicated section highlighting TGM Education's Partner Universities/colleges and their unique selling points (USPs). Regularly updated, this section provides users with the most up-to-date information about why these institutions are the best choice for studying abroad. By showcasing the distinctive features of each school, this feature helps users make informed decisions about their educational endeavors.

What Affiliates Say

Check out few testimonies from some of our beneficiaries

I Would like to commend the whole Refer Wallet team for being of great help. I really didn't think I would be cashing out, but I can say that I am cashing out big time! Refer Wallet affiliate Program is real and credible, I am a living proof of the $200 commission because I just got paid. Thank You for the quality service you have rendered.

Sylvester Imonlaime

I have also benefitted from this platform. My money has been approved by them and I can advice you guys to also benefit from this. It's a quick and very easy way to make money!

Yomi McHenry Faith

How Do You Earn Money?

With Refer Wallet, everybody can earn huge sums of money without having to leave what you are presently doing to make ends meet. It is very simple and straight to the point. The easy ways you can earn money is by referring students to our Education consultants and earn $200 for every student that goes to school. You can tell that from everything said, it is a win-win for us all.

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Overall, Refer Wallet offers a unique blend of empowerment, information, and earning opportunities, making it a groundbreaking digital innovation in the student recruitment process for the education industry. It fosters a win-win situation for referrers, referred students, and partner universities, revolutionizing the landscape of student recruitment.

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