Generate Income Easily

Become a part of our affiliate team through which you can generate up to N200,000 monthly from our services.

Register As An Affiliate

Register as an affiliate and be well on your way to earning huge bonuses for each referral you send to TGM Education. Your Earnings are displayed clearly on your dashboard.

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Generate Your Affiliate Link

Once you have registered, You can generate an affiliate link that could earn you $1000 once you reach the TGM Expert level with 30 Successful affiliates.

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Earn $200 Easily

For every student you refer to us who successfully travels to school, you earn a commission of $200. That is not all, more referrals help build your Affiliate levels for bigger commissions

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Our Three Affiliate Levels

As an affiliate, every student you refer to our University partners through us gives you $200. You can earn as much as $1000 monthly if you get to send us students. However, this platform also has three affiliate levels which you have access to. TGM Enforcers, TGM Experts and The Big 30 all have extra rewards and bonuses when you reach each of these levels as a TGM Affiliate.

TGM Enforcer

If you refer 10 students that travel to school, you earn an extra $500

TGM Expert

If you refer 20 students that travel to school, you earn an extra $700

The Big Affiliate 30

If you refer 30 Affiliates who in turn refer at least one student that travel to school, you earn an extra $1000

How Do You Earn Money?

With the TGM MLM platform, everybody can earn huge sums of money without having to leave what you are presently doing to make ends meet. It is very simple and straight to the point. The easy ways you can earn money is by referring students to our Education consultants and earn $200 for every student that goes to school. You can also earn huge amounts ranging from $500 to $1000 while you climb up the affiliate levels with us. Finally, with referrals of other affiliates to join the system, you can earn extra $1500 when your referred affiliates successfully send students to school as well. From all that has been said, it is a win-win for us all.

Become Financially Free By Just Becoming a TGM Affiliate

Earn a fraction from the Billion of Dollars being wired around the world in the Education Industry. Take the Bold Step Here!

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